Week In Review #1

24 Nov 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Week In Review for the Nimiq blockchain project.

This article is fan-created and has no official affiliation with the Nimiq developer team or the Nimiq Foundation. As such this article is not able to talk about inner workings of the team, code in private repositories or plans for the future.

With these Week In Review articles I hope to bring regular updates of what is publicly happening in the Nimiq blockchain project to the community. This includes a summary of general news and updates from the team, updates on what is being worked on in the public Github repository and information about community projects that are worth pointing out.

Since this is the first of (hopefully) many Week In Review editions, and because there has been a lot of activity in the Github repository in the lead up to the Luna testnet launch, this first edition will cover a bit more than just the last week of updates.

Nimiq News

Code Updates

Marvin, Pascal and Philipp have been very active these last weeks preparing the code for the Luna testnet release. Important changes were, in the order they appeared:

Community Projects

Only one project has received updates over the last month, and that is the Nimiq price website. All other community developers are now adapting their projects to the new testnet. You can look forward to new versions of the Faucet, the Nimiq blockchain explorers and the Nimiq browser extensions.

That’s all for now. See you next Friday!